Winter Outings – Vintage shopping spree

I know there are some who would cringe at the mere thought of this (my Hubby lol) and others I know are green with jealously that they could not join us. This is something I had been planning for a while, a real get together and vintage shopping spree with friends and students alike. Sadly the numbers were not what I had hoped, but we still had a blast.

It was cool, but clear and sunny, no wind insight and very light winds for most of the day, it was actually quite pleasant driving in the car between venues, with the sun on the window and tunes playing.

We visited three fabulous places, two quite large warehouses and a boutique shop which I frequent.

Waverley Antique Bazaar

The largest of the lot and they were having a Christmas in July sale…whoohoo, how fabulous 50% off most items, so my dollar went even further, so many finds in the 1.5 hours we were there. I actually stopped at one point, paid for my loot and popped it in the car and had a latte while waiting for the others to finish. If I spent any more, I would have nothing for the other stops! I got several Willow baking dishes, a baking tray, some lace doilies, a vintage tin, an enamel kettle, some books, various apothecary jars.20190720_1048541163952414107690748.jpg

Hunted Antiques and Collectibles

About a 30-minute drive to our next stop, another large warehouse and more goodies, but sadly no big sale. We spent an hour here and I picked up a lovely little hatbox, some sheet music, and some kitchen scales.

Julie Powell_Ballet Slippers-6

Our next stop was only 15 minutes down the road, but we sorely needed some lunch and a sit-down. We went to the deli in Mount Dandenong for a long lunch with lots of chatting and laughing and discussions of what we got, what we plan to do with them and what we are still looking for.

Butlers Vintage Depot

My home away from home lol. I have been visiting here on average once a month for the last several months at least. I have bought some treasured items from here including my chippy table. We spent about 45 minutes here and I managed to find some weights for my new scales, the lovely dried flowers and a wooden corbel, have not had a chance to photograph that as yet, but I do have some ideas!

Eventually, it was time to bid farewell it was nearing 4pm and the hills get cold and damp early, my cough was acting up and I was tired…time to head home!

It was such a lovely day…someone else is organising another one in a few weeks, I might go to that one too…or maybe not? Let’s see how many sales I can get between now and then.

In light and inspiration…

~ Julz, xo