Monday’s Musings…

So even though last week I claimed I was getting better, sadly by Wednesday I was struck down again, I seriously have no idea if it’s the same virus or not. I ended up cancelling everything on Friday and Saturday and was considering cancelling Sunday as well. Saturday evening I felt much better again and decided to go to my shoot, but tried to keep my distance from everyone. Sadly between cigarettes & cigars (No I wasn’t smoking them – it was part of the shoot) and the smoke machine, my lungs copped a load and now I am feeling heavy in the chest again…honestly, I cannot win. I need some heavy-duty vitamins & minerals!

So a fairly quiet weekend for most of it, still watching Supernatural and now up to Season 4, plus finished editing my Winter Wonderland shots, soon I will do a post.

For now, here is a sneak peek from the Speakeasy/Gansta shoot. The is a collaboration with about 20 photographers in my group alone and they are running this about another 3-4 times I think within our big VPC camera group. I think there will be different models and sets for each group, but not really sure.

Not my studio, not my lights, not my normal models, pushed out of my comfort zone for sure. But so much fun.

Anyway, just a quick one for this morning…trying to catch up with everything. Hopefully, I come better again today. I hope you all have an amazing week…

~ Julz, xo