Mondays Musings…

Another busy weekend, Hubby and I took the camera in to get the sensors cleaned before our next trip away, while we were waiting we went and saw the new Lion King movie; loved it. Fabulous and the detail was amazing. If you have not seen it yet, do. Ignore the critics who usually can’t tell a good movie from a bad one anyway, and go see it.

I had a still life workshop again on Saturday, I have not run a still life workshop for months, it should have been last weekend, but I was too sick and had to postpone. I can report (fingers crossed) hopefully I am not sick this week and feeling really good…I hate being sick. It was lovely and relaxing to be teaching this class again.

Then on Sunday, I was the student. My photography group held a Floating Fruit workshop…loads of fun on a bitterly cold Melbourne morning. I am not even going to ruin the surprise and tell you what, when, how or why as yet…but loads of fun and this is just ONE of the image.

Julie Powell_Fruit-12

I must admit I am really looking forward to Spring and some warmer weather, this year feels like it has been so bitterly cold and wet, granted quite mild by world standards, but cold for Melbourne. Today 15 minutes from home, there was snow. Not just a light dusting, but lots! Nothing where I am I am a 100m or so below where the snow fell. We did get hail and loads of it.

Not much else to report, loads happening here and there…setting up more workshops for the end of the year, wow can’t believe I am thinking about the end of the year already!

I hope you have an amazing week…

~ Julz, xo