In the studio – Winter Wonderland

It has been good to get back into the studio for some conceptual portrait shoots again, but ever so slowly and far more intentionally. Not that the near 30 shoots I did last year were not intentional, it was VERY full on and I think I burnt myself out creatively. So this year, so far, I have only done two and now the third – Winter Wonderland.

A few months back I was chatting to Desley (musings of a frequent scientist), and since it has been more than 12 months since our last creative shoot together, it was well overdue for something special! We decided on a conceptual portrait and of course, that meant the wonderful Jess and the makeup talents of Emma Marietta.

We came up with a Winter Wonderland theme, well it is Winter here still and started working on putting it all together. Mood boards, costumes and head-pieces, and all the bits and pieces that go with it. We wanted white and bright and ethereal, but slightly dark and a little creepy, we totally hit the mark. Kind of like Frozen meets the White Walkers from GoT lol.

The icing on the cake was Jess got some white eye contacts, what she didn’t realise until she put them on, was could not see a thing! Poor Jess. We had to take her by the arm and escort her everywhere, it certainly made directing a little challenging. Poor Jess did not even see what the makeup looked like until she was finished! It proved to be a real Trust exercise for her, but she was such a trooper. It also meant we were a little limited to poses, a few basic sitting and standing, but a lot of expression and handwork.

We had set the scene with a large white backdrop and lots of fabric to resemble snow drifts (that you can’t even really see in the images) so much tulle and netting, we added the smoke machine and bubbles. The lighting was set to create an ethereal ambience, a large octobox to be the main light, a small beauty dish for fill and a Speedlight to create a halo effect.

The costume was a white medieval-style dress from Wish with embroidery, a white faux fur cape (it was actually lovely and soft and warm), Emma made the head-pieces and jewellery. Desley and I came up with ideas on the fly, like the crystal ball and the sword and the torchlight. Oh and I introduced everyone to the world of fractals prisms, and we ALL had fun with those, even Emma got her phone out!

Pear and Cinnamon Cake

Two hours for hair and makeup, two hours to shoot, we then finished off with coffee and cake…mmm yummo. Oh, and to show poor Jess the images from the back of the camera!




I also created a few digital art pieces, some I have already featured and some more to come.

We are already planning our next concept for next month, so stay tuned for that, lots of cool ideas happening.

~ Julz