Monday’s Musings…

Such a mixed bag this week, I have spent quite a bit of time creating recipes and photographing the results, some wonderful, some not so great; ie my lactose-free, egg-free pannacotta did not set well and pretty much collapsed when taken out of the moulds…still tasted yummy and we ate all of it, but did not look so great in photos. On the other hand, my ‘world-famous’ baby spinach dip and new cheesy flatbread sticks looked and tasted fabulous, as did a new Thai Green Curry recipe!

Friday I drove out to pick someone up from a friend’s house, up in snow country, about an hour away. I had a lovely drive, with tunes there and back. It was not the best weather, but no snow or ice. Sometimes it’s nice to just be alone with one’s thoughts. I then had a ‘Me’ afternoon, manicure and pedicure, a little wander around the shops and then finally some housecleaning and a little more cooking.

Saturday I had another Light Painting class, I am really getting into a grove with this class now and it is moving along really well, one more for this year and then I think that will do for 2019! I still have some other classes happening, but I am running out of weekends! Unless I go back to running two classes in a day!

Julie Powell_LP5-5

It did give me some time to play before class on my own personal projects, My Helping Hand series is moving along at a steady pace and I have ideas for a few more as well. Will feature some soon.

Sunday was a day off, a bit of a sleep in, potter around in the dressing gown and slippers, a lazy day with some Sunshine to boot, ahhh Spring is just around the corner. Even some of the blossom trees have just started to bud and flower. That means my cherry tree will soon be full of blossoms!.

Whatever you do this week, I hope it is fabulous…

~ Julz, xo