Winter Wonderland

There is a story behind this image (isn’t there always?) but I thought I might share this one. I had this fabulous idea of pointing a coloured torch at the crystal ball Jess was holding, Desley was shooting and the colour spectrum she was getting in her shots was amazing…I was so excited to try. However, when it was my turn to shoot, while Desley held the torch, I got nothing. We were shooting on a white background with studio strobe lights. I was shooting too quick and I was missing the colours? I have no idea…Desley’s camera was capturing it…very strange. I still wanted to try to capture them, so we turn OFF the studio lights and used the torch and LOTS of smoke, YAY I got the desired effect, much DARKER than what Desley had captured, but still glorious. Yes, I have tweaked it a little in Photoshop, enhanced the light beam and the bokeh and also did a slight colour adjustment…but the finished result is very cool and kind of Sci-Fi, don’t you think?

Julie Powell_Winter-37
A Winter Wonderland

This is the last of the artwork I am featuring from this series for the moment, not sure if I will create some more or not. Sometimes I revisit an old series, but more often than not I just move on.

~ Julz