Floating Fruit Workshop

My CPV Photography group holds lots of workshops, I am sometimes the teacher, some times the student…this day I was the student. Now the premise of floating fruit is actually quite easy, the actual act of creation is harder than it looks. These are the finished images

We used black and white acrylic but decided using a matte background and timber base looked great. So you cut the fruit (or vegetables) up in sections and then using toothpicks and bamboo skewers you attach the fruit like a leaning Tower of Piza…getting the bases to stand up, not having bits fall off or fall over, a REAL balancing act! Fiddly? Oh, my dear Nellie….so fiddly and my poor old fingers do not really like fiddly! But Moth was there and often gave me a helping hand. We all had lemon and limes, kiwi fruit, apple and pear each to play with, Moth and I came up with the corn and popcorn…so much fun to create that! Others had zucchini and eggplant and other items to create with.

Once we had the photos it was into Photoshop to remove the toothpicks and tidy up the images. THAT was the easy part, although many in the group did not agree. Still, it is great to try something different and it helps support the Camera group. I have other ideas for things I would like to try…shelved for a day when I am looking for something to do!

~ Julz