Winter Workshops – Light Painting #5

My Light Painting workshops are still selling out like crazy, I have one more planned for this year, then it is time to give it a break and perhaps do some more next year. I am quickly running out of weekends, between concept shoots, holidays, workshops and personal projects. I cannot believe it’s nearly September already!

Here are just a few images I took before and after the workshop, I usually do some test runs to see how well my ‘scenes’ work. How amazing are those heirloom tomatoes, they photographed beautifully…need to get some more of those. We also played with mushrooms, I have never really photographed [edible] mushrooms before, might have to do that again too. We had a very food orientated workshop this time. I do like to keep them all slightly different.

I also managed to have some playtime for my own personal Helping Hand series, I will post them separately.

~ Julz