Monday’s Musings…

I will be a little quiet over the next couple of weeks, lots happening. Will fill you in later. I have lots scheduled to keep you entertained, I just won’t be able to visit everyone’s posts and comment as much as normal, sorry about that. Good news is we will be travelling again, off on another adventure. We have been home for over four months (apart from a quick trip to Brisbane to visit my Daughter), time to hit the road again. And it will be road this time, we are travelling along the coast to South Australia. Somewhere new for both of us.

But back to reality for just a little bit. Spent the day on Friday cooking up a storm again, I am loving my Fridays for just that; cook shoot, eat, experiment…some are failures and some are not. I have even started adding a Recipe section to my website.

Saturday I ran another new workshop Macro for Beginners, I have run Macro before but not a complete beginner; back to basics, technical and camera settings, the what, when, where, how, who and why. It was a great afternoon and well supported. Everyone who came said they got a LOT out of it and learned so much. But it was a brain intensive class, you know how that can be, often thinking too hard is almost as exhausted as working too hard.

Julie Powell_Macro-10

Sunday is Father’s Day here in Australia and not really such a big deal in our family, not now that all the kids are grownups. A Bit like Christmas really, I honestly think it is more fun with little kids.

I also won 4th place in Light Space and Time Arts Oen Photographic Competition with Scissors and Twine…

JuliePowell_Still Life-2
Scissors & Twine

I also won Special Merit for Pinnocjio’s Apple in the same competition.

Julie Powell_Pinnochios Apple
Pinnochio’s Apple

Not much else to report, need to spend the next few days finishing off some last-minute work things, then beginning packing for our next trip.

Whatever you do this week, I hope you have a great week…

~ Julz, xo