Winter Outings – Kira’s visit to the beach

We do not have any actual grandchildren, neither of my daughters plan on any, any time soon. But we do have Grand Fur Babies…it sounds a little silly, but we do dote on them, Dexter is technically my Daughter’s Dog, not mine…but he does not seem to agree. Kira belongs to my Daughter and Son-in-law, as does Malfy the cat. Malfy is kind of cute, but he is a cat and very aloof. Kira, on the other hand, loves when we come to visit. She certainly seems to remember us and loves the extra attention. On a recent visit, we took her to a dog beach near Redlands, at Brighton Park. It was a little cold for us, humans, to be in the water, but she loved it. She also really enjoyed the car ride and the play on the beach. We grabbed our cameras to capture some of the fun.

Julie Powell_Kira in Car
Little car, big dog!

P.S. Once Kira was in my daughter’s car, we would never fit and dogs are not allowed in rental cars, so we took two cars, hence this shot from behind. Notice how much of the back sear Kira takes up! lol

~ Julz