Macro for beginners workshop

I recently ran a Macro for beginners workshop, it is the first time I have run a total beginners workshop, I have run other macro workshops, but people had been requested a back to basics, start from the beginning. So I did. We covered so many technical aspects of cameras and macro photography; exposure triangles, Depth of Field, the plane of focus, aperture settings, shooting for the blur, focus stacking, working with water drops, reflections and so much more.

Each person had a basket of goodies to play with from an apple and mandarin, a peg, a dried rose and petals, sheet music, cutlery, a teacup and saucer, and object for silhouettes and reflections. I also had a bucket of vintage pink roses, babies breath, gerbera and chrysanthemums.

It was a fabulous, but exhaustive three-hour workshop, mostly for the students, so much to take on board. But they all had fun and enjoyed the process, frustrating at times, but I was there on hand to help out every step of the way.

Throughout the class, these soft pink roses kept calling out to me to shoot them, so after everyone had left and I had cleaned up, I sat down for a few minutes and played with my macro lens and took these images.

~ Julz