Monday’s Musings…

Yes, I am back from holidays! What a fabulous time I had too. I have already started featuring some of the places we have seen and things we did, so much more to come. We arrived home midweek and jumped straight back into work (crazy I know) I have over 3,000 images to sort through and cull, now I am editing and picking my favourites, no mean feat there either.

Then yesterday I had a shoot with my dream team, Jess and Emma and did a Raggedy Ann shoot, sure it all looks cute and innocent in this Behind the Scenes studio image, but it quickly turned into something a little quirky and even a little bit evil…I mean seriously Halloween is coming up…I have not done as many shoots this year, but I have been loving everything I have done so far, this one was especially awesome.

Julie Powell_Raggedy Ann
Raggedy Ann

So between my holiday pics and work and shoots…I have not had time for much else lol

I will post more pics of everything soon, I promise, just need some time to sort through everything. I hope you all have an amazing week.

~ Julz