Our S.A. coastal adventure – day 3

Day 3

Woke to sunshine and blue skies, after it had rained the night before, clearing away the last of the horrible weather. We left Strathalbyn and drove through Hartley and Sandergrove looking for more abandoned farm buildings, churches, old cars and such – had a wonderful morning in the bright sunshine. I did get very wet, cold feet from all the wet grass at the Weslyn Church! We even found an old building IN a canola field! YAY!

We then drove through to Victor Harbour where it was SO cold and windy, 10 minutes of walking around gave me such an earache, should have worn my woolly hat. Sadly the horse-drawn tram was not running due to the terrible conditions, so we went for lunch, the Victor Hotel had great gluten-free garlic bread and VERY ordinary hamburgers, go figure? After lunch, we walked down to the Granite Island walkway, still so cold and windy, I was by now feeling very miserable (earache) we checked into our motel and rested in our room.

Later in the afternoon, we drove out to the bluff, still cold and windy and grey, but I remembered my coat and woolly hat, eventually, as we lost light we headed out for a lovely dinner before calling it a night.

~ Julz

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