Our S.A. coastal adventure – day 4

Day 4

We rose early (before dawn) only to realise I had left my handbag, wallet and car keys at the pub…great start to the holiday. Feeling like such an idiot and so sick to my stomach and not sure what to do, no-one was of course at the pub that early in the morning, but we had to drive to Cape Jarvis to catch the ferry to Kangaroo Island, if we missed the ferry there was nothing available for a day or two! In the end, we decided to trust Karma and left Victor Harbour and the pub for the ferry, in hopes they had my handbag safely in the office. After much panic and several phone calls, managed to get hold of the Pub Manager who DID have my handbag locked safely in the office. Thankfully friends who were catching the next ferry were still in Victor Harbor and collected my handbag for me and brought it with them…I bought those friends a well-deserved glass of wine that night for saving my bacon – honestly how stupid! This was, in fact, my 52nd birthday and I was wondering if senility was setting in! So with disaster averted we could look forward to our adventure on KI. The weather was much calmer and warmer today and the crossing not too bad.

We never have any problem with seasickness, but both Moth and I both seem to feel ill on diesel ferries and such, it’s the smell, but mostly vibrations more than anything else, thankfully on a 45-minute crossing and we were glad to be off the thing! After disembarking the car, we were in Penneshaw for breakfast and then off to explore for a few hours, we were meeting up with the others later that afternoon.

We headed to an area that was not on our original itinerary – American River. We drove out to Red Banks Bluff, Muston’s Lookout and Pennington Bay. Found an echidna walking across the road, I stopped to take a few photos and make sure he made it safely across the road. I stopped another driver from running it down. We also saw a stingray in the bay, sadly just looked a blob in the photos! Pennington Bay was an amazing spot and so totally gorgeous, rocks and waves and sunshine and the blue, blue water, with really interesting bluffs of different coloured sands.

Met up with the others at Penneshaw Pub for a late lunch, then off to Christmas Cove for our dolphin, seal and whale watching cruise. We split our group in half and did two trips out, saw lots of dolphins and sea lions, no whales. Sadly I had the wrong lens and did not get as many photos as I was hoping. I am OK if the animal is slow but quick or at a long distance, my photography skills are not 100%, still, it was wonderful to just watch them. We also saw white-bellied sea eagles, two wedgetail eagles, cormorants and gulls. After our cruise, we drove to Frenchman’s Rock (Can barely read the rock now), where there are often Little Penguins, but none that day (not nesting season). We tried for Sunset at Christmas Cove but it was a bust.

We then met up with everyone for dinner at the pub, I got my handbag returned and I bought the girls a welcome glass of wine each. Lots of talking into the evening and getting acquainted with people in the group we had not met before.


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