Monday’s Musings…

Our beloved Dexter (the dog) is a world-class sook! He is now also quite heavy…over 16kgs (so much for a small dog…and it’s NOT fat), I stupidly tried to pick him up the other day and tweaked something in my back, which is now giving me hell. I have been battling through, but any of you who have ever had back problems knows what I am talking about…it sucks!

Add to that I managed to squish my pinky finger in a pair of metal bonsai scissors; it is purple, swollen and has a nasty blood blister…so now I am being a big sook! lol I am sure I will survive.

So apart from being a big sook…I’ve spent the few days in the studio putting finishing touches on my new online class, Table & Plate, which goes live on Tuesday, so excited.

I had my last Light Painting workshop on Saturday (for 2019), a great group of creatives and a fabulous afternoon. Moth & I then made a mad dash to Kilcunda for a sunset photo shoot with some freinds…no sunset. It was cold and windy, so we went for coffee and waited to see if the clouds would come or go…no such luck, clouds came in, we gave up and went home.

Sunday, I had a couple of food photography friends come over to the studio for a day of food fun, the below figs shot is just one of the many we took. Each of us brought along something to photograph, as well as some props and flowers, we had a play and lunch…such a great day, experimenting and playing with different things.

Julie Powell_Figs

Sadly, it just added to my pile of editing, which I am slowly working my way through. I have now finished all my images from our Kangaroo Island trip, so that is a load off my mind. Just putting the finishing touches to my posts and my hard-copy book. I do adore getting all my holiday images printed into a big beautiful glossy book.

That’s about it for now, will post some more photos soon, and I still have a few posts from Kangaroo Island to put up as well. I hope you all have an amazing week…

~ Julz, xo