Our S.A. coastal adventure – day 5 part 3

Following on from Little Sahara, we then headed off to Vivonne Bay jetty for a quick look around before heading back to the Roadhouse for lunch. We went to the Vivonne Bay beach, some stayed, but we felt it was just another pretty beach, with little to offer apart from sand and water. I know that sounds bad but I prefer something with a little more interest in my photos. Both Moth and I like to explore, especially rocky outcroppings and such.

Julie Powell_Vivonne-6

We headed to the jetty and light station for more interesting photo opportunities. We had some of the others in our group follow as well. Some brought out drones (we did not, long story, but we never got the drone flying this trip 😦 ) It was just wonderful among the rocks and waves, blue skies and sunshine and not as cold as the days before, it was actually becoming quite warm which was wonderful. The light (house) station was a disappointment, more a flashing light on a pole than a real lighthouse (I would see some others in the coming days which were much better).

After spending quite a bit of time here, we were off to find even more adventures, it was becoming quite a day…

~ Julz

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