Our S.A. coastal adventure – day 5 part 4

After already having quite a day out, we then proceeded to drive down to Seal Bay for our Sea Lion guided tour on the beach. It was about one hour long and quite good, there were a few sea lions, mostly asleep on the sand, not quite as good as Cape Palliser in New Zealand, but still quite entertaining.

It was a LONG STEEP climb up from the beach and then a one hour drive to our cabin for the next few nights. We had a wonderful sunset, but not really anytime to drive somewhere nice to capture it, so I sat out on our little deck and watched the sun go down with a Pimms and lemonade, and a few kangaroos in the distance too! We don’t have seals as such, in Australia (apparently) even though they are called seals, we have sea lions and fur seals, they have ears, were as true seals do not!

Julie Powell_Seals-34

Happy, but tired and very footsore, we headed back to our cabin and the only decent sunset of the trip, I was happy at this point to capture it from our cabin’s little deck.

I will leave day 5 here and show some more tomorrow…

~ Julz

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