Our S.A. coastal adventure – day 6 part 2

After a glorious sunrise, we grabbed a quick breakfast stop, we again headed back to Flinders Chase National Park [FLNP] and visited Cape due Coedic Lighthouse – The lighthouse which was constructed between 1906–1909, consists of a tower built from 2,000 pieces of local stone, it was really pretty set against that incredibly blue sky.

Next stop was Admirals Arch, not really sure WHY it is called the Admirals Arch, but it is a naturally occurring rock archway. I never actually made it all the way to the bottom, instead, I stayed on the main boardwalks and lookouts and watch the seals at play in the waves and rock pools.

The image below was one I ‘borrowed’ from Moth…he walked all the way to the bottom and captured the image of the arch.

Julie Powell_Arch-4
Admirals Arch – captured by Moth

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