Our S.A. coastal adventure – day 6 part 3

We then stopped at Weirs Cove, most tourists seem to bypass it, but it was wonderful, I could not look down to the steps and little jetty so far below! Now that is what you call a long drop jetty.

This is where fresh supplies were offloaded by boat for the lighthouse keepers (Cape de Coedic Lighthouse) and their families. Prior to 1907 the building materials for the lighthouse and the supplies were brought in by steamship, transferred to small boats and then landed at the base of the cliffs before the goods were carried up the 90-metre steep cliff. In 1907 a jetty and flying fox were constructed to winch goods up the cliff. At the top of the cliffs, a stone building with compartments for each family kept food cooler.

We stopped at Chase Cafe for a wonderful lunch, best we had eaten so far, we then had a free afternoon, as the planned trip to Cape Borda was a no go, the roads had been closed for some reason and it was pretty much 4WD only (OK for us, but not for many of the others), we drove to Snake Lagoon – no lagoon, but we did  see two Tiger Snakes! We also saw some koalas and Cape Barren Geese and their chicks, so cute and fluffy.

We then went to Kelly Hill lime Caves and did the guided tour with some of the others in the group, it was small, but a really interesting tour. It was a little creepy and eerie when she turned off all the lights and the room was lit only by a single candle and then she blew that out, plunging us all into absolute darkness! There were lots of steep steps (which were already starting to wear on my knees and hips), my feet were killing me by the time we got back to the car, it was also quite warm; 26°C, in the cave it remained at a constant 16°C, which was a little cool, but without wind of any sort, not too bad.

We drove back via Hanson Bay, which some of the others wanted to shoot sunset at, we didn’t think it was a great spot for sunset, sunrise maybe, but not sunset. A few went to Remarkable Rocks, we should have gone too, but instead went back to our cabin for rest and early dinner. Turns out there was no real sunset anyway. While staying at the far end of KI there really wasn’t any facilities so we had to take all our own food for breakfast and dinner and cook in our cabins – I really don’t like cooking on holidays lol. We had an early night, the temp had gone from -2°C in the early pre-dawn light up to 26°C during the day, and we had done LOTS of walking and steps and I was so tired!

~ Julz

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