Monday’s Musings…

I managed to have a completely relaxing – no work three day weekend, to be honest I think I needed it. My back and hip are in a bad way and a few days of rest and sleep-ins, couch sitting and a small amount of walking helped…I think. Just as well, I have a couple of hectic weekends coming up.

Thursday evening a few photographers (perhaps 30 lol) went to Melbourne’s Princes Pier, as conditions looked great for a good sunset, sadly not much colour as the clouds stayed away, but it was nice to catch up with a few people and take some long exposures of the iconic pylons.

Julie Powell_PP (1 of 1)
Princes Pier

Friday was wet and cold and miserable and the day was spent on the couch with the dogs, Netflix and some downtime. We spent some time in the gardens on Saturday, my bearded iris was in bloom, Dexter the dog could not resist a sniff…and then a bite. I managed to grab a few shots before it was destroyed, damn dog. We also lost a cushion from the deck thanks to him this weekend too! I did spend some time pottering in the studio with some new treasures, a little industrial grunge and light painting.

Julie Powell_Iris-06334
Dexter sniffing my iris

Sunday morning in somewhat iffy weather we visited the Dandenong Ranges Botanical Garden to see the Cherry Orchard in bloom, weather ended up being fantastic, no blossoms…so disappointed. However, there were loads of magnolia and the Crab Apples were in bloom.

Julie Powell_DRBG-06444
Crab Apple Trees

We then wandered the shops in nearby Olinda, loads of art and craft shops and cafes, and yes picked up a few more treasures. Eventually, it was time to come home and back to reality. Even three day weekends are way too short.

I hope you all have an amazing week…

~ Julz