Our S.A. coastal adventure – day 7

Day 7

Sleep in! Oh, it was wonderful, some got up to shoot sunrise, but it was not very good, thankfully we stayed in bed for the extra few hours. Leaving just before 9am and headed out to Snelling Beach, lovely with blue sky and sunshine and water and red rocks and even the rusty remains of an old tractor. We managed to get there before everyone else, so we had the beach all to ourselves to explore.

The others arrived, just as we were leaving, so we told them of our finds and we drove onto King George Beach (which we found a little boring, we walked to the right, apparently a bit better if you walk to the left…oh well).

Next, we went to Stokes Bay and the (not so) Secret Beach – just beautiful, you have to clamber through a very tight rock gorge to find the magic beach with a beautiful rockpool, some manmade, some natural. Turquoise water gently lapping, soft sand and gulls calling. So, so pretty. Also sheltered from the wind and quite warm, perfect spot for kids to play in the water, as the main beach has some very nasty and dangerous rips, which can be quite hazardous.

Lunch at the local Rockpool Cafe – so good, caught up with everyone else in the group and chatted about what everyone had seen and done. We then drove through the Lathami Conservation Park, not much to really see or do there, but much work going on behind the scenes to conserve the area.

Next onto to Kingscote the main city of KI, we booked into our cabin and unpacked, had a much-needed cuppa and then off exploring again…we just can’t sit still for long!

We visited Reece Point Historic Site, the official first colonies of SA settled here, we saw the jetty and lots of pelicans. A few stayed for sunset, but again facing the wrong direction and there was no real sunset to speak off. We found a great little Pizza place and got the yummiest pizza we had had in ages! Then and an early night. Considering we had gotten to sleep in that morning, but still, travelling distances in the car can be so tiring.

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