Our S.A. coastal adventure – day 8

Day 8

I again slept in, while Moth and a few of the others went back to the jetty to capture the sunrise, which was a no show, so glad I slept in all cozy and warm in bed! A quick breakfast and then headed out to Cape Willoughby Lighthouse. The others decided to visit American River (which we saw on the first day), and then Pelican Lagoon, which we had also seen, but there is nothing really there, so we drove directly to the Lighthouse. We managed to get a flat tyre on the way, which of course took about 40 minutes to unpack the back of the car and get the tyre changed over and then repack the car. I had purposefully bought new tyres only a few weeks ago for this trip, as I knew the tread was getting low and I did not want old tyres on all the gravel roads in KI, so a little disappointing to destroy a tyre less than a month old.

Anyway we continued onto the Lighthouse, it was again quite windy, but lovely views. On the way back we stopped for a Heath Goanna on the side of the road and then met with the others just coming to the Lighthouse, explained we had to go back to Kingscote to see if we could get the tyre fixed.

We managed to find the only tyre shop on the island, our tyre was beyond repair, must have slashed it on a rock along the way, thankfully these guys had a suitable 2nd hand tyre we could use as a spare until we got home. It was actually a free afternoon for all of us, some were heading to spots we had discovered on our first day here, so we decided to drive back down the other end of the island (75 minutes away) to see Remarkable Rocks in the afternoon light. So glad we did, not quite as pretty as at sunrise, but different light and shadows.

We saw more kangaroos, koalas, snakes (even two kangaroos having sex on the side of the road – honestly get a bush lol)…

We then drove back to Kingscote to meet up with everyone for our last night dinner, lots of chatting and laughing and good-natured jokes, as everyone regaled each other with stories and adventures of the afternoon. Eventually, we headed back to our room and started to pack our gear up, we had another early morning to catch the ferry back to the mainland.

~ Julz

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