Our S.A. coastal adventure – day 9

Day 9

Up early and packed the car, drove back to Penneshaw for the last walk along the coast, before loading the car on the ferry back to Cape Jarvis. Again it was a calm trip across the bay; so sunny and no real breeze. We left Cape Jarvis after disembarking and drove straight to Victor Harbour, we completely forgot about the local waterfalls and mines in the area, so eager for the next part of our adventure to begin, as we were not going home just yet! (Oh well maybe another visit in the future?). We drove onto Victor Harbour only to find it is their yearly Rock n Roll Festival, Hot Rods, and carnival rides and people EVERYWHERE enjoying the sunshine, so different to when we were here a week ago. The Horsedrawn Tram was running and we got some photos, but so busy we would never get tickets to Granite Island, so we got a carnival lunch; hot chips, and jam doughnuts and candy floss (we call it fairy floss here) a few more photos of the carnival atmosphere and then decided to leave.

We tried to stop in at Tailem Bend Pioneer Village as we had heard it was very good, but it was cash only and $25 per person, who carries that kind of cash these days? So having no choice (nowhere to get cash out) we left, not knowing if it was any good or not, quite silly really. They did have a fabulous old train and collection of old Bedford trucks out the front.

We stopped for the night in Bordertown, we went to the Wildlife Park in the early evening and watched the white kangaroos, not albino, just white, they look a little strange. I had wanted to visit the Pioneer Village, but again it was closed and would not open until 1pm the next day, we had hoped to be long gone by that time, so I never saw that either. A terrible hotel and pretty bland pizza for dinner, I was feeling less than enthusiastic about old Bordertown!

Technically that ends our South Australian adventure, the next morning we quickly crossed back into Victoria and headed over to The Grampians – for yet another adventure! We had had a wonderful adventure full of amazing sights and wonderful animal encounters. If you ever get the chance to visit Kangaroo Island, please do, it really was fantastic!

I will be back with tales from The Victorian Grampians

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