Monday Musings…

I decided after yesterday that I think I really am ready to start winding down to the end of the year. December and January I usually take off, no point running classes and workshops, as everyone is busy with Christmas and Summer holidays, which means I can sit back and enjoy them too. I know it’s not even November yet, but it is only just around the corner. We have one more trip away planned, nothing too taxing, going out to Country Victoria to see some sights…we hope.

So why yesterday? I ran another workshop at the wonderful Potterage in Menzies Creek. Beautiful warm Spring day, perfect weather, great scenery, a lovely group of people. As this was such a laid back class, I got to play with the camera a bit too and I spent a bit of time just sitting and chatting to students and friends. It reminded me that sometimes I push myself and it’s nice to just chill out and relax. When I got home I simply unloaded everything into the studio (unpacked nothing) and grabbed a bottle of wine and walked to a friends place for a glass or two and some more relaxation in the magic weather.

Actually, this whole weekend has been more about relaxing than anything else. I had a busy industrious morning on Friday ‘distressing’ a wedding dress for an upcoming shoot, and creating a few other props, then went to lunch with a friend. We followed lunch up with a wander through a local nursery for some potted plants and then coffee and cake. That was then followed up with a cuppa and some more chatter back home. So wonderfully relaxing.

Saturday morning was normal stuff, washing, food shopping etc. I then met some friends who had discovered a new store for Halloween and party stuff, so I went with them to explore, picked up a few bits and pieces. They both came back to my place where an impromptu macro photographing class broke out with my bearded iris and cherry blossoms in full bloom! We ordered in pizza and chatted into the evening until they finally deemed it time to leave and then I had an early night.

Julie Powell_Iris-06331

I managed a sleep in on two out of three days, a minor miracle for me, so nice just to lounge in bed relaxing and snuggled up under the doona. The early morning air is still a little crisp, if not cold as such.

I hope to do more of that this weekend, I have a big shoot on Sunday and hopefully some downtime in there as well. I will write a more in-depth post on our day at the Potterage soon, but now, it’s Monday which means back to work, while what I want is to be snuggled up back in bed.

I hope you all have an amazing week…

~ Julz, xo