Monday Musings…

I sadly had my back go on me again, so spent most of the week and weekend crippled and not doing a lot. Massages have helped dramatically. I have been perhaps spending too much time on the PC, but edits, writing articles and other commitments have kept me there, I know I should get up more often than I do. I am sure I am not alone you sit at the PC for five minutes and realise hours have passed!

As a result, I do not have too much to say, apart from Sunday…Sunday was Themed Concept Portrait session for Halloween, our take on The Corpse Bride. So much work behind the scenes, the setup and hair and makeup, my fabulous team of Jess and Emma, hubby jumped in for a few shots and we had a guest photographer as well, who had won a promo to win a day in the studio with me.

Julie Powell_Corpse Bride-

Getting to set off numerous smoke emitters (bombs) in a carved pumpkin has been on my bucket list for a little while, finally, got to do it! NOT disappointed!

Julie Powell_Corpse Bride--3

Another full-on week, including a Guest Teacher spot tonight and more Halloween shoots. I also have an exhibition coming up in Melbourne, so I have been busy getting images ready for that. The exhibit is with 47 other Melbourne Photographers, from my camera group (VPC)Β “Our Great Southern Land”Β I have seen some of the other photos being exhibited, can’t wait to see them all hung on Opening Night.

I will post more images soon, for now, I need to get up and walk away from the PC…I hope you all have an amazing week.

~ Julz