Light Painting – Scales and Tangelos

Last Light Painting image for a little bit, I have bought some new items to photograph, but just have not had the time to relax and spend some time playing in the studio as I would like. These last few were quickies (all less than 30 seconds) and taken to double-check setups for a workshop.

I like to offer students something a little different in each class, often they want the same objects as they have seen others capture; the scales, the corbel etc. I like to try and offer different accents…like these tangelos, great pop of colour.

Sony a7ii, 50mm lens, ISO100, F/16, 15 seconds

Oh, and I have finally found a new mortar and pestle for my collection. I had one many years ago,  which got broken (before I had even shot it myself)…so now I have at least a few images of it.

~ Julz