In the studio – Raggedy Ann

If you were to ask me what inspired this shoot, I might wink and say it’s a secret, but to be honest I am not 100% sure. I saw an advert for some vintage pantaloons and thought they would be cute for a shoot. Then I spotted a matching top and thought perhaps a pyjama shoot. Then one thing led to another and I came across some really cute Raggedy Ann images. Next thing I know the team was talking about a dark, slightly twisted almost Raggedy Ann, meets Chucky, meets Annabelle. It all started off very sweet and cute…

I was joined on the shoot by my usual cohorts; model Jess and hair and makeup artists Emma, but also Moth joined us as well. He normally isn’t interested in Portraits, but this one intrigued him and he was a bit put out he didn’t shoot our Winter Wonderland session.

I guess I wanted to prove that sometimes less is more, simple props; three red balloons, a stool, a ladder, two old suitcases. It was the planning and detail that went into the shoot and shone through. I also adore some of the images which have the studio light in them, kind of like Raggedy Ann on the movie set!

~ Julz