Mondays Musings…

Still struggling with my back, I went back to the Doctor who has agreed there might be more going on than original thought so I am off for a round of CT Scans, bloods, X-Rays and such…not much fun, but hopefully, it’s treatable. Meanwhile lots of wine (for medicinal reasons) and pain killers for me.

Battling on, I had more Halloween themed shoots this week, a new model (long story on that one), but a Goth Princess Fantasy type shoot and The Night Circus with Pennywise from IT with my photography group. Controlled chaos as usual and still so many images to edit and go through…that may take a while to go through. Four models, five stations and ten plus photographers…wow some organisation goes into these shoots, thankfully I was only an attendee and not an organiser, enough work in organising my own workshops lol.

Julie Powell_Goth-
Lysa, Gothic Fantasy Princess

I feel like it is shoot, edit, social media, work, shoot, edit, eat, repeat at the moment, but shortly going away for a few days (yes again) and then only a few more weeks til summer break. I don’t stop working, but things are a little less hectic, and no workshops. I get to play with creative concepts and start brainstorming for 2020! WOW! I still can’t get over that – 2020 and there is only like 50 days til Christmas. Halloween has been so big this year (Not normally so in Australia) and it is still days away! I have not even put up my meagre Halloween decorations yet (well apart from what’s been in the studio).

Not much else to report at the moment, chat soon, ciao

~ Julz, xo