In the studio – Headshots for Luke

Julie Powell_PC-Every few years Luke comes in for some new headshots, he is a fabulous dancer and loads of fun in the studio. He is also happy to play with some creative stuff, so often when he comes in we do something a little fun and creative, he has also helped out with creative shoots, like the Vintage Circus shoot a few years ago. This year I did some straight forward headshots (a dancer ALWAYS needs them in their portfolio), but we also played with some more dramatic lighting, loved this one…


Then we donned a cape and skull, and got really creative with the lighting, dark and spooky…


Jekyll & Hyde


The greek god of Hell. I guess it is something about the lighting the mood and the interaction with the skull. These two sets of images were not pre-arranged and were created on the fly. It can be stressful, but fun to create like that…you just never know what you will end up with.

~ Julz