In the studio – Gothic Fantasy

I was approached online several months ago by a lady, who I thought was a Makeup Artist who needed a photographer for a collaboration she was working on with a designer, she would also be the model. She is friends with a few people I have worked with before, but I must admit I should have asked a few questions and done a bit more background research. It is possible that some things were a big misunderstanding, perhaps some miscommunication, however, she contacted me again recently about setting something arranged before Halloween, with minimal notice. She is actually an Art student who sometimes does a bit of modelling, so with no real idea of what to expect, no real mood board, we pulled it all together at the last minute due to a last-minute cancellation. However, being 5 hours late to our first collaboration was not a good sign. The clothing was assembled from bits and pieces, the fabulous headpiece from an Etsy designer Verdessa Fairy, somehow it all came together, with stunning results. Sometimes you throw it all out there and mostly Karma sends me something good …occasionally something great (and yes true, sometimes the not so great).

So already in a bad mood (from a nearly six-hour delay in shooting by the time she was ready), I probably was not at my best and the shoot was not overly long, I had made plans with friends for that evening, sadly they gave up and went out without me! This is not HOW I like to run a studio shoot, I prefer to know what I am up against, I prefer professional hair and makeup, I like mood boards and I like to run to a time schedule. In the end, I guess I got some pretty cool spooky Halloween & Gothic type shots.

I posted the images online and got such a great reaction, especially from Verdessa Fairy, who contacted me immediately, swooning over the images. A few messages back and forth and we are already working on a collaboration together. Her stuff is simply amazing

Sometimes you just have to put faith in the universe that everything you need is there for the asking and taking. I guess it was a case of all well, that ends well.

~ Julz