Share your world – 6th November 2019

I have just gotten back from a few days away, we always try and get in a local trip before Christmas madness sets in, this year was a little earlier than normal, but that’s OK. We spent 4 days travelling the Goulburn, Mallee and Wimmera regions of Victoria (Australia). Just got back and thought I might do a quick SYW before I think about going back to work

What is the meaning of true love? I honestly believe it is when someone has seen you at your best and YOUR WORST and still loves you for WHO you are. Also, someone who brings you coffee in bed and someone who celebrates your wins with you.

Do acts of kindness have a motive?  Call me cynical, but yes I believe they do. Do something nice for others makes (some) people feel good, so they keep doing it. People who don’t do it, don’t because they got nothing out of it.

If we live in a civilized world why do we see so many distinctions between rich and poor? Because no civilised society is without it’s greedy, egotistical people. They are (I believe) the ones who make these distinctions to make themselves seem better than others.

Do we love ourselves more in the virtual world than in the real world? I think in general, most people feel better about themselves in the virtual world. It is easier to create a persona in VL. It is easier to hide in VL, but at the same time, it is easier to be brutally honest in an anonymous world. IRL (in real life) people are more distant and closed off from others, especially the shy, the introverts and slightly ‘awkward’.

Gratitude Question:

Are you grateful?

I have just gotten home from a few days away, definitely something to be grateful for, and then I managed to capture this on Sunday night at Taylors Lake…

Julie Powell_Sunset-Julie Powell_Sunset-07798

It really is seeing nature in all her grandeur thank makes me give thanks for being alive and eternally grateful for being able to do the things I do

~ Julz, xo