Exploring the Goulburn, Mallee and Wimmera Regions of Victoria – Part 1

We managed to sneak in another long weekend, so we decided to go away for a few days, just the two of us. We have been wanting to see more of the Silo Art trail around Victoria, there have been so many new ones painted in 2019. So we decided to just go for it. We had some really hot days and some really wet days forecast in the weather but decided there probably isn’t a perfect time to head north, but we would be strategic and hope the plan worked…mostly it did.

Day 1

So we left Melbourne on a very warm sunny Friday morning and instantly got stuck in traffic (won’t miss that while we are gone). Finally made our way to our first stop in Benalla to check out the street art, WOW! and I mean WOW! Some truly amazing stuff, they have a festival here every year Wall to Wall…I will give them their own post later. We grabbed a coffee and spent a few hours just wandering the streets and checking out as much of the street art as we could find. It got really hot 32°C, so a few hours was plenty, not sure if we saw it all, but we sure did see some great stuff.

Next stop was Goorambat for Silo Art by Dvate and the Uniting Church by Adnate, will also give them their own post soon, incredible stuff. I was so excited to see these, they were part of my bucket list for this trip. We tried to stop at Winton Wetlands (reputably the largest in the Southern Hemisphere), but it was just a dry dust bowl, so sad what the drought is doing to this country. So much of what we saw was dry and dusty, but there were areas throughout our trip with patches of green.

Next stop was Devenish, then St James and Tungamah, all for the silo art on the NE Silo Art Trail. We stopped in Shepparton for afternoon tea we spotted a painted cow on skateboards, apparently part of their Mooving Art Galleries, we should have gone looking for more.

Mooving Art Galleries in Shepparton

Next, we headed to Nagambie, where we stayed the night. Stopped at the lake (quite large) in a few spots and then went looking for an old decrepit bridge off Loddings Lane (found it) and Kirwans Bridge, almost an amusement park ride in itself. We stopped in a few spots for Goulburn Weir, but it was closed after 4pm and we could not walk across. After settling in for the night we went to the Rowing Club for a lovely dinner, sadly the deck was being renovated so we could not eat out on it overlooking the river. Not much of a sunset at all.

This is where Goulburn region pretty much ends, next we are off to the Wimmera, but that is in another post.

~ Julz