Monday’s Musings…

November certainly is shaping up to be a super busy month, only 11 days in and it’s back to being a whirlwind. Friday was spent doing errands and cleaning up in the studio and setting up for the two workshops (yes 2!) on Saturday. Jess joined me for a Fantasy Portrait Session, here is just three of the looks during the day…

It really was a fabulous day and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. But boy, I was wrecked afterwards, Fish and Chips for dinner and then a long soak in the spa! Just what the doctor ordered.

Sunday I popped into the Magnet Galleries for The Great Southern Land Photographic exhibit, so wonderful to see so many wonderful images, many by friends, there are 48 togs in all exhibiting.

Me standing in front of my framed images

Sunday was such a mixed bag…we decided that we would be in the city anyway (before the Gallery), we stopped in to check out a new, larger studio place in the CDB area for workshops for 2020, I think it might actually work out quite well.

Then because we are already running around, we were off to check out another location for a shoot next week (highly secret, but will tell you more later). Then there is the normal food shopping and stuff…ho-hum.

Sadly my daughter’s car had a major transmission failure and has had to go in for repairs, it will take two weeks, so we are back to playing Mum’s Taxi and her borrowing our car, quite a feat when we are rarely home!

This week I will feature more of our Country Victoria travels, so glad we are now home in a way, parts of NSW and Queensland has so many out of control fires and I guess it is only a matter of time before they areas we recently visited may be facing a similar threat.

Today is Remembrance Day in Australia and other parts of the world too

Lest we Forget

I hope you have a fabulous day…

~ Julz