Mondays Musings…

The year is rapidly drawing to a close (I keep saying that!), but it’s been crazy busy. Shoots that have been booked literally for months happened this weekend, one was cancelled, but we were on location anyway, so made the best of being out in nature.

I had a photographer friend spend the weekend, down from the country, and it was go, go, go! Sadly in among some of that my camera died, thankfully we have a spare, but it made life frustrating.

Friday Night we went out light painting, with a new guy we have not used before, new toys and such. I was having problems with my camera then, thought it was me 😦


A very late night followed by very early morning, headed off to Warburton Redwoods for a Cosplay shoot, which had been cancelled, we thought there may be a few turn-ups, but no. My friend Sue had not seen them before so we went for a wander and admired the scenery. We then headed to Marysville and visited the waterfall, the sculpture garden, we spent hours here, sadly I only had my mobile phone by this stage. Been here several times and will be back, so many great new pieces and of course, old favourites.

Julie Powell_Brunos-143324
Brunos Sculpture Garden

Sunday…well I might let part of Sunday be a surprise, but we had an old church (built in 1907), now in private hands for a few hours and we did two model shoots. The first (a surprise) took a bit of arranging and we had been setting this up for a while, the second came together quicker. A Steam Punk/Goth wedding and the groom was a very talented Drag King and our Bride a circus performer.

Julie Powell_Steam Punk-2200
Hunter Heart (aka Jayde) & Erica

It was a fabulous afternoon, finished off with a mad dash into the city for a new camera, but all that is for another post.

So now, I have days of editing to do, and I need to learn how to use my new camera, before the next shoot!

I hope you all have a fabulous week…

~ Julz