Mondays Musings…

Oh what a wonderfully relaxing weekend. Should be more of them, but then how do the bills get paid? Especially after a busy and stressful weekend the week before. We had quite a few shoots and days out last weekend with a friend coming to stay from out of town. My camera died on me (again) on Saturday morning so I ended up shooting with my phone and my old Nikon, not the best development. I was frustrated and not overly happy with the resulting photos, many I had to keep as ‘artistic’ grainy B&W. But it was still a wonderful time. I did, however, take advantage of the sales that were on and bought myself a new camera on Sunday afternoon. I have been setting it up and getting acquainted with it this week. It is not overly different from the previous one but has some wonderful new features.

I spent Friday giving the studio a big clean up, it needed it badly, then there were a few projects I needed to complete and some articles which needed to be written, then Moth and I grabbed the new cameras (Oh did I mention he got a new one too! Just coz!) and visited our lovely local Nursery/Garden centre Cloude Hill, just for a quick wander, some macro photography and then an amazing latte, always a nice way to finish off an outing.

Busy bee at Cloude Hill gardens

Saturday we stopped in to pick Mum up and then visited Dad in hospital, he has spent more time in the hospital than out recently, and with so much on, we hadn’t been able to see him. After our visit we then took Mum out to lunch, it was such a beautiful Spring day we sat on the deck at Doyles overlooking the boats in the marina and chatted about ‘stuff’, nothing specific… trips we took as kids and so forth. Mum finds it hard to get out of the house and just needed some time out.

I then needed to do a bit more work, before Moth and I decided to head to Grantville, somewhere we had never been, but have driven past a lot. Nothing spectacular, nor was the sunset, but it was pretty just to be by the water and watch the sunset disappear. Something about the sounds of waves gently lapping on the sand, so soothing.

Sunset over Grantville jetty

Sunday was a bit of a sleep in and then a long-planned day with the girls. I had organised a European Christmas Cookie class. Oh, what fun! I drove up with a friend and we stopped in Dromana on the beach for brunch and then met all the other girls for a fabulous afternoon of bubbles, giggles and cookies. Brilliant.


All-in-all a busy but thoroughly relaxing weekend, good food, good friends, fantastic weather, everything I love about Melbourne in Spring/Summer.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend. I truly have some wonderful photos to share with you in the coming days.

~ Julz, xo