Spring Outings – Bruno’s Sculpture Gardens

I have been to Bruno’s in Marysville a few times, this is a remarkable attraction to visit. Almost completely devasted in the 2009 bushfires, Bruno has been slowly but surely putting things back how they were. So it was wonderful when we visited here recently with a photography friend to see so many new pieces. Many of the old favourites were there, of course, lovingly restored…but quirky, fun and creative new ones. It’s like Bruno has himself healed and his love of fun and imagination is back in full swing.

It must be so hard to bounce back after such devastation, 10 years and the landscape is slowly coming back, there is still evidence of the brutality of the bushfires in the mountains and trees, scars that may take many decades to heal. But there is life, and light and hope, especially in Bruno’s garden.

Sadly, due to my camera dying that day, these images are all captured on my smartphone, not too shabby, but not as good as a Camera.

~ Julz