Mondays Musings…

I don’t know about you but things are getting busy. It’s only the first week of December and I have already had one Christmas luncheon, technically I had one last weekend too. We had our VPC Xmas party at Mont de Lancey Historic Farmstead in Wandin had a mini photoshoot, with an Elf who just happened to pop in.

Ms Brooklyn (the elf) also assisted with the Secret Santa, which was a hoot with many people stealing the gifts that others had! I got a very nice timber cheeseboard & knife set…stay tuned for images of that in the coming weeks.

Mont de Lancey has a wonderful rose garden, which I spent quite a bit of time visiting and chatting to some photography friends and partners too.

Julie Powell_Roses-13

Sunday the gallery exhibition drew to a close and we wandered into the city to collect my images and stopped for a cuppa as well. We ran into a few friends who were picking up their images as well, and of course, had to stop for a bit of a chat with them too!

It may be the second day of Summer, here in Australia, but you wouldn’t guess it. It’s cold and wet, we are rugged up with jumpers on, if it gets any colder, we’ll be putting the heater on. Honestly, Melbourne’s weather is notorious for being changeable, but I am honestly over it and looking forward to some more nice weather. We seem to get some glorious days (like last weekend) and then it all turns to shit!

So a mildly busy weekend, but very relaxing…looking forward to more of that too! I have a very big weekend coming up, a huge studio shoot with a new designer on Friday and then my VERY last workshop for 2019 on Saturday, of course totally sold out – again.

Product Photography Workshop

Well, I hope you have a busy and product week, but also a joyous one…

~ Julz xo