Spring Outings – European Christmas Cookie Class

I had been looking for something fun to do with some friends and students for an end of the year get together, a change from the usual Sunday brunch and champagne or a ‘play-date’ in the studio. Something fun and inclusive of photographers and non-photographers alike. I came across this European Christmas Cookie class by 100 mile foodie (Organised through One Hour Out). After initially not all being able to all get tickets together, I contacted the cooking school and they offered us a private class, as we were an entire class together.

Not quite Christmas yet, but now was easier than just before Christmas, when things get crazy. I drove down with a friend and we went to Dromana for a yummy brunch, before meeting the rest of the ladies for our class.

Three hours of bubbles, nibbles, laughter, photos and lots of chatting we did actually learn how to make five different cookies;

  • Vanille Kipferl

  • Spritz Gebaeck

  • Spitz Buben (with cherry or plum jam)

  • Zimt Sterne

  • Brunsli

Our chef and instructor for the day was BB from BB_Bakes.com, such a wealth of information and tips of getting everything just right, as well as Marlene from 100milefoodie. Both were a joy to work with and happily got involved in our chatter about anything and everything, especially that several of us are food photography nuts and we were snap happy throughout the class. Of course, we tried our hand at rolling, mixing, cutting, sprinkler, dipping and decorating too.

At the end (which came all too quickly) we packed up our sampler gift boxes full of goodies and decorated them with pretty ribbons and fresh spruce and said our goodbyes. 100milefoodie offer other classes and we were all fairly keen on coming back for another wonderful afternoon.

If you are Melbourne and want a fabulous afternoon with friends, head down to Somerville for a day of sweet (or savoury) treats and loads of fun. Not in Melbourne? Hunt around I am sure there other cooking schools offering small hands-on classes all over the place, and possibly one right near you.

You can check out the video here

~ Julz

PS One Hour Out loved my images so much they asked to use them on the website!