Spring Outings- Cloude Hill Gardens

Some days the weather is just too good to spend inside working, and fresh air and exercise is good for us, so after I had spent most of a recent workday busy on the PC and in the studio, I could not bear it any longer and just had to get out. Moth was home and it was getting late in the day to go any distance, so we opted for Cloude Hill Gardens, about 15 minutes from home. I have been there many times and written many posts. Early to late Spring or Autumn is best for viewing the gardens, but really, any time will do.

I adore either early in the morning or late afternoon for the light, not so harsh. We spent maybe 45 minutes just wandering the grounds, I got lost in the lavender chasing the busy bees 🙂

Eventually, as they were near to closing we managed to grab a quick coffee before they closed the cafe for the night…they were actually setting up for a wedding function the next day and said they were happy to bring us a coffee if we had it outside in the gardens. Why wouldn’t we, such a pretty spot in the sunshine?

Sadly it was closing time, so we made our way back down the mountain, just in time to start organising dinner. Such a relaxing way to end the day.

~ Julz