Spring Outings – Grantville Jetty at sunset

Grantville MapGrantville is about 103km from Melbourne CBD, about 60kms from my house on the way to Kilkunda and Phillip Island. I have not stopped at this jetty before, but have driven through Grantville many times on the way to and from other locations.

I had seen some images take by other photographers for this location and we decided recently to try our luck. The clouds had been very favourable for a great sunset all afternoon.

Sadly by the time the sunset, we had very little cloud…a few wispy clouds finally arrived as the sun slipped below the waves.

There is something so awe-inspiring about an ocean sunset. Sure mountains are pretty too, but when the sun dips below those waves and leaves a shimmering trail of glittering diamonds on the ocean in its wake…it is good for the soul.

There is just something about the sound of gently lapping of waves on sand that is so calming and comforting. We had the seagulls for company and an occasional car in the distance, but we pretty much had it all to ourselves.


a little artistic licence in the clouds 

Watching the sunset together with our cameras is a lovely way to spend the late afternoon, early evening.

~ Julz