Mondays Musings…

I keep telling myself eight more days of work, just eight days! Then I an on holidays for nearly three weeks! The weather has been improving, although we are in for a scorcher today, 37°C expected today. Had a super fabulous weekend, with a slight crimp in it…my dishwasher died. It was old so I guess it was due to be replaced, so fun morning on Sunday trying to find a new one. Of course, the one I chose is not in stock! It is expected this week, so a few more days won’t kill us, but the dishes are piling up. I know the logical thing to do would be to wash them, but just have not had time!

Friday was a massive day with a new designer, Verdessa Fairy. We had four models, each with two costume changes, set changes and more. It was such a busy hectic day, filled with loads of laughs and lots of fun, clothes and amazing headpieces everywhere. I can’t wait to show you the images, I still have so many to edit.

Julie Powell_Ice Queen-1
Alexia as the Ice Queen

Saturday was my final workshop for the year, Commercial Product Photography – Get the Shot! Packed sold-out class, loads of mess, loads of fun, this is just one of the shots

Julie Powell_Scotch-1
Backlit Scotch on the rocks

Last week was busy, between work and classes and I tried a Hydrotherapy session for my back, which has been playing up a lot lately. I was so sore, could barely move afterwards and for a day or two later…is that normal?

Not much else to say…just counting down the days till my holidays begin. Not that I am doing anything that exciting, but it will hopefully be relaxing.

I hope you have an amazing week…

~ Julz