So I kind of did this Thing! Adult Content

So you know how you have those random conversations with friends, one thing leads to another and all of a sudden you seem to be on a roller coaster and everything is happening at once? Or does that just happen to me?

So what started out as a random comment by a friend staying in a B&B while attending one of my workshops, she commented that the owners of the B&B also owned the Chapel next door, of which we could use to shoot in, or even hold workshops in.

How fantastic! Wouldn’t it be neat to do something totally random like a Fine Art Nude Shoot in a church? Chey (the lovely lady who frequently features in most Fine Art Nudes I photograph was coming to Melbourne and jumped at the chance to shoot nude in a church, I believe her response was something along the lines of “Hell Yes!” So we ended up organising a Fine Art Nude, Bridal shoot in a chapel! Like I said, just a little random.

Sadly, my camera had died the day before and there was no time to arrange a new one, so I shot with my old Nikon…not the best in low light. My images are not very sharp and are very grainy, not what I was hoping for.

So with a song in my evil little heart (only kidding) and we all chorused if we are going to hell, we’ll do it together and having fun! I believe if God meant us to be dressed at all times, we would have been born that way. There is no shame in a beautiful body (I just wish I had one!)

Now Chey could only squeeze in a two-hour window, but we had the church for four hours, so Sue who joined Moth and I for this shoot brought along her daughter who is a Drag King and another performer for a Goth style Black wedding, that went totally wrong, but in such a fun way!
Check out the behind the scenes video here

~ Julz