Conceptual Portraits – Nestled

It’s been a while since I created some conceptual portraits, sure I have been busy of late doing creative ones, but nothing that really tells a story…


I first took this set of images back in 2017, and a recent Conceptual Artistry course with Brooke Shaden and Sebastian Michaels inspired me to look at these images with fresh eyes and inspiration.

“Everyone needs a home, something safe and secure, somewhere to come home to. Each home is different, whether you are human, bird or animal. To ward us from weather and danger and to store our ‘things’ everyone has things from a dog toy to something shiny a magpie might keep. 

Some people are like little birds and they need a gentle push to get them to occasionally leave the nest. Once they are nestled and comfortable, they have no wish to venture into the outside world. Once they have seen the wonders of the outside world, the usually venture forth.

When you awaken from your nestled slumber in the dawn’s early morning light, everything in the world is shiny and new and adventures await.”

Granted not the most original or longest short story I’ve written, but these things take to get back into the groove again.

~ Julz