Conceptual Portraits – Come fly with me

If you have been following me for a while, you may remember Rachelle, possibly even this red dress and the red balloons, we had a fun-filled day a few years ago. Rachelle now lives back in New Zealand, so we don’t really get to create in the studio anymore, but I still have fond memories and awesome images.

I have recently started a new online class by Brooke Shaden (I am sure you all remember how much I adore Brooke’s work) and legendary Sebastian Michaels, I have been one of his student for many years now. Conceptual Portraits are loads of fun and something I have not really done for a while. These differ from the creative portraits I have been doing, as they tell more of a story and are often a composite with additional elements.

Come fly with me
Come fly with me

The main background is in the hills around Lake Tekapo in New Zealand, the stormy skies are also from NZ, so I am giving a slight nod to Rachelle over there. I loved how the sheep appeared to be looking up, so I grabbed this great image of Rachelle (who was standing on a stool and the wind blowing the balloons) to add some whimsey. The birds are also flying in the same direction almost as if they are being pulled along too. I frequently do my Conceptual Portraits in a square format, something I inherited from Brooke, but this image I felt it needed more landscape to give it a grand scale.

~ Julz