Happy New Year – 2020

Happy New Year! Can you believe it is 2020? As a kid that was science fiction era, (if you discount Back the future set in 2019, lol). There are no flying cars, well not in mass production. I still have to eat food prepared mostly by humans and there is no world peace. So many things were promised in Sci-Fi futuristic TV shows and Movies, granted some not good and we really don’t want them anyway.Β  Sadly while so much of Australia burns, we have severe drought conditions, and ridiculous temps and winds some days. Watching the news is sadly more depressing than ever.

So here is to a happy and prosperous 2020, all in all 2019 was an amazing year and I hope for more. More travel, more work, happier good times spent with friends. We had a quiet night at home with friends, watched The Tooth Fairy movie on the Disney channel, popped some bubbles and watched the fireworks on the TV at midnight. Dexter survived his first NYE and while unsettled, relaxed once he realised we were not concerned. Chloe is now sadly so deaf, that she could not hear the local fireworks and slept through the affair quite soundly. We call that a silver lining, our first NYE in 13 years without her becoming so severely stressed out.

New Years day…well we have spent all our holidays in cleaning mode, decluttering, gardening and cleaning out cupboards. It’s a little like therapy in away. We also packed up the meagre Christmas decorations we put up this year, I sadly never did really get in the spirit. I know why, but don’t really feel the need to get into it at the moment.

We relaxed and watched old Disney movies and did some editing and just spent some quiet family time, just the three of us and the animals. So not much more to say, apart from:


~ Julz, xo