Mondays Musings

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My holidays are finished and this morning I am back at work (well my part-time job anyway). We had a most relaxing break, just staying at home. We had a cleanup and declutter around the house.

Sadly while we stayed home, many parts of Australia are burning. Above are photos I took on Kangaroo Island, just a few months ago. It’s pretty much all gone. The Flinders Chase National Park has lost so much; the Visitors centre I believe is badly damaged, the caravan park we stayed at is almost gone, the flora and fauna have been devastated. So much of this beautiful area is still burning. And that’s just off the coast of South Australia. Add more fires in SA, NSW and then my poor home state of Victoria. The fires in VIC and NSW are about to join forces. It is sad and it IS horrible, but bushfires are apart of our heritage. Things have been made more difficult by bullshit policies and bureaucrats.  Stopping cattle grazing and 4WDs have closed off fire access tracks. It’s not climate change, although that is not helping. We have drought conditions, nothing new here either, but also not helping. Yesterday we woke to the sound of rain, I hope it hit where it is needed.

Another place which is on my bucket list is Mallacoota, beautiful part of Australia, this has also been badly affected by the bushfires. Sadly so much devastation. I may have to wait many years before I can see it in all its beauty. Just so glad we saw Kangaroo Island a few months ago in all its glory. Thoughts for everyone who has been affected.

On a brighter note, I started a new online class by Sebastian Michaels and Brooke Shaden for creating conceptual portraits, it’s been loads of fun and has got me creating some conceptual pieces again, which has been great. I featured some of them over the last week or so. I also did one portraits session, which was a little bit different for a new designer, Bec from Verdessa Fairy. She created some truly fabulous rainbow headpieces for Mardi Gras and we wanted to capture the fun atmosphere.

Julie Powell_Rainbow Brite-33
Rainbow Brite with Jess

We did a few trips in one day, but it was our only day out of the house, apart from a great day at the movies, where we saw the new Addams Family animated movie and the last instalment for Star Wars in the one day!

So it really was a Staycation…but it is great to recharge the batteries. I did also catch up with a few friends, lunch and dinners and swims in pools, NYE and drinks and such. I have a few personal things happening in the coming weeks, including an exciting class I am taking with a friend…but you guessed it, more on THAT later lol.

Apart from that I am just busy now getting myself set up for when the studio opens in February, and enjoying the Summer now that it is here. Still to have a BBQ, but now my back deck is nice and clean and freshly oiled I hope to do something soon.

I hope whatever you do this week, it is amazing, and spare a thought (and a prayer if you’re of a mind) to my poor Country burning. If you are in affected areas, please stay safe and I hope it is all under control soon.