Mondays Musings

I have literally been in a fog this week, I have not even picked up my camera. Going back to work sucked (my part-time time job, not my photographic job). I am feeling totally uninspired. I took this weekend off from life to try to re-charge. I just chilled at home, watched some Netflix. But now it’s Monday again.

I did create a series of posters and social images for a Fundraiser for the Victorian Bushfires. The Kangaroo is one of my artworks and it will be among the raffle prizes, printed and framed. For those who don’t know it is in the shape of the State of Victoria and his nose is pointing towards the Gippsland (& NSW) Fires in the top right-hand part.

Roo FB Post

This is a map of the current fires in Victoria from Friday, things are apparently a little more controlled in Gippsland now, thankfully. As you can see there are still a LOT of fires burning elsewhere as well.


wp-15788650659649071174541850348110.jpgI woke to really bad smoke haze again this morning, that bright spot is the sun at 8am in the morning and the grey smoke filling the sky, I can at least see my neighbours house today. It really does not show in this phone pic, but it was eerily orange, as have the evening skies been. They say it will get worse as the day goes on, another hot one they tell us. The weather over the weekend was quite pleasant for this time of year, not humid and not too hot.

Friday night we had a load of rain which was great for the plant, it helped the fires (but only a little). I am not sure how much of it rained WHERE it is needed. My gardens are looking lush and green, but some areas still have draught.

This post seems all doom and gloom, sorry bout that, just the way things seem to be at the moment.

On a brighter note, has anyone else been watching something good on Netflix? I am engrossed in the latest season of YOU, Hubby and I are really enjoying The Witcher, Grace and Frankie are back this week as is The Good Place. Oh, the joys of streaming, up until a decade ago, in Australia we considered ourselves lucky if we have five TV channels, rural areas barely had three! Can you imagine? Now we have so much more choice, yay for the internet, boo our internet in Australia is still sub-par compared to the rest of the world!

I guess I have complained enough for today, will try to pop in with cheerier posts soon…

~ Julz