In the studio – Rainbow Brite

In between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, we snuck in the very last photoshoot for 2019, boy was it a doozy. I must admit at first I was a tad uncomfortable with the session brief, but the more I thought about it, the more excited I actually become. Using REAL paint and throwing it at a model and canvas to create a riot of colour.

Bec from Verdessa Fairy wanted some Rainbow Brite inspired images for her Madri Gras headpieces. Model Jess jumped at the chance to A/ work with Bec’s beautiful headpieces and B/ get into some truly messy fun. Neither Bec, Jess nor I had done anything like this before. We also had to be careful NOT to get paint on the headpieces, as they will be for sale in the Etsy store, once photos were completed!

So we used plastic-backed paper drop cloths on the background and floor and removed anything that could be damaged by paint. Then placed more drop cloths over everything that remained. I also placed my Speedlight (used for rim light) in a plastic bag to keep it save.

We shot four different pieces, all on the clean white background first, then threw around some paint, reshot the headpieces, carefully keeping them paint-free. We then packed away the headpieces, introduced more paint and let Jess get REALLY messy!

Cleanup wasn’t too bad, rolled up backdrops and put in garbage bags, Jess had to hose off in the gardens and then go inside for a shower, thankfully it was a hot Summer’s day.

There is a Behind the scenes video (always love doing these)…people get a tiny little sneak peek at how much effort goes into the shoots and how much fun we have.

~ Julz, xo