Conceptual Art – Safe Haven

This was a conceptual piece with a difference, mostly apart from the original image of the house, the rest is using resources from artist friends, backgrounds and such. Also every time I had an idea on HOW to progress with this piece I tried to do the opposite, kind of why it possibly looks nothing like my regular work. I wanted to make the house filled with fire, I wanted it dark and gloomy, the doors and windows were green, so I made them red, I used more cyan and green (colours I normally don’t work with), it is bright and cheery and an experiment in creativity. A ‘safe haven’ from the gloom currently happening here in Australia.

Julie Powell_Safe Haven
Safe Haven

Even though I have not been directly affected by the bushfires, they are nowhere near me, I do not know anyone who has lost anything this time around. Sure I have visited some of these areas, especially Kangaroo Island, not in Victoria, but it has probably affected me more than anything else. It’s just that so much of our country is currently burning. So many people have lost homes and business, so much our beautiful country is a smouldering wreck and we have lost so much wildlife and stock. The coming months will be hard, farmlands have been affected, no doubt food prices will go up, milk and beef and lamb especially. Crops have been lost and farmland laid waste, it will take time to get on top of all that. Meanwhile, our Government sends our much-needed resources overseas. Sorry folks but we need it here.

It is hard NOT to be affected, I know I keep droning on about it, and yes we have BAD bushfires all the time, but this time is worse. Maybe it’s all the social media, it’s constant…and so many pictures of death and destruction. Sure there have been some good stories come out of it, but it seems to be a race to the bottom with who can cover the worst of the stories! I try not to watch the news and I have been staying away from Facebook as much as possible…but still. It’s all anyone seems to talk about too.

Oh well, I guess we all need an escape, a Safe Haven from the world to hide in sometimes…

~ Julz