Share your world – 22nd January 2020

Time for another Share Your World


Where do you get your news? Mostly from Facebook, sounds bad I know, but if it’s important people are usually talking about it! But then sometimes it can become a bit too much and I need to switch off from that too. I rarely watch the news as it is mostly bad luck stories, climate change atrocities, riot, killings, murders, shootings and stabbings. It all gets a bit much. The Media is on a race to see who can bring the most horrific images for the worst stories. The fires here in Australia were bad enough but all the death and destruction got too much. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I am an unfeeling or un-empathic person, its just the exact opposite, I take in too much. I need a break from it all.

What ‘old person’ thing do you do? Wake up, breathe, repeat lol. Some days I feel old, I am not sure WHEN that happened exactly. I mean internally and mentally I still mostly feel 20 (OK maybe 30) something, but then the memory is slowing, the recall is slower and foggier. Maybe I am cramming in too much new stuff? I am learning all the time, they say it keeps the brain active, but I find it more and more difficult to learn and remember stuff. When did it all happen? They say 50 is the new 40, I also heard 10pm is the new midnight…sounds about right. That is usually when I am falling asleep on the couch. In saying that I did stay up til 2am on New Years Eve…quite impressive!

When was the coldest you’ve ever been?   The warmest? Once I stood in -2C at night in the snow and did a light painted image of a tower on a hill…damn cold. I also walked around parts of TeAnue in New Zealand at -2C….I was SO MISERABLE, I hate the cold.

I have also had the other extreme I think it was almost 48C that’s nearly 120F, so hot the air burnt your lungs to breath and trying to walk felt like wading through molasses. It was also the day the Black Friday bush fires and some of them came with mere kilometres from our estate. We were in no real threat from the fire front (too many houses to go through) but the flying embers were a REAL concern and the cause of so many fires.

Do you eat food that’s past its expiration date if it still smells and looks fine? If in doubt, throw it out I always say. I usually err on the side of caution, I have had food poisoning and it’s not fun.

Gratitude – If you’d like to, please share some gratitude from your life. 

Julie Powell_Ikebana-4
Part of an Ikebana arrangement
I am so grateful I have friends who like to go on creative adventures with me, go exploring with me and just plain be silly sometimes. They will also chill, drink wine and just have a good chat and a laugh.
On Saturday my friend Desley and I attended an Ikebana flower arranging class, it was interesting and different. We had an enjoyable day just being together and learning something new.
I hope you all have an amazing and creative week…
~ Julz, xo